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Women love cosmetics like crazy. They simply want to display their beauty by using the makeup products that are offered. It is currently fashionable. Some girls, meanwhile, are not familiar with the fundamental procedures that go into applying facial makeup. In order to present the fundamental and easy actions a makeup requires, we are here.      


Today, one of the necessities for women is makeup. They find it to be appealing and fashionable. There is a new cosmetics trend accessible every day. Women are also masters at applying makeup gently and attractively. 

As it serves to develop and support their beauty, it provides them the courage and confidence to display it. The majority of women, however, are not very knowledgeable about makeup and how it is applied. 

But this is actually not at all a problem. By observing and doing our best, everyone can learn. 

Because of this, we at The Leading Beauty are here to inform you of the straightforward techniques you can use to acquire makeup in just one hour. All you have to do is practice.  

Below is the procedure

  1. Moisturizing

Before using any products on your skin, moisturize your face as the initial step. You can select a moisturizer based on the kind of your skin. Give it a gentle 30-second massage on the entire face and neck area.    

  1. Priming   

The very next step is to use a primer to prep your face. Once more, this is chosen based on your skin type. Your open pores will be filled with this, preventing the other items that will be applied in the following steps from entering the pores. The most crucial process is this one.

  1. Colour correction

Again, this is a crucial step; all you have to do is apply an orange color corrector to any areas where you have pigmentation or dark spots. Use a green color corrector if you have acne or acne scars. Use a beauty blender or brush to blend it properly. Your acne, black spots, and pigmentation will be concealed by this, giving your face a flawless finish.     

  1. Foundation

After color correction, it's time to cover the skin with foundation. Again, you can choose from a variety of skin types for this. Use a foundation brush or beauty blender to apply foundation to your skin and then softly blend it in. It is better to use a beauty blender because the results are less uneven.

  1. Concealing

Apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation to your high points and undereye the area now to further enhance your face. Once more, a beauty blender or concealer brush is used for blending.

  1. Contouring

With the use of a beauty blender or contouring brushes, a contour stick or contour powder is now utilized to define the jawline and cheek area.

  1. Eye makeup

Take any of the basic eyeshadow palettes and, using the included brushes, apply the colors in accordance with your outfit for this phase.

  1. Powder

Now apply powder under your eyes and set it with face powder or compact.

  1. Blush

Apply blush to your cheek and blend it with a blender or brush. Both powder and cream blush can be used.

  1.  Lip color

Apply a lipstick that suits your attire and face makeup.

  1. Highlighter

Apply liquid or powder highlighter at your face high points.

  1.  Make-up fixer

Lastly, use fixing spray to set all the applied make-up so that it can be placed at their respective places.

That's all folks!

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